Elisa S. Keeler (MA Transpersonal Psychology) is available for workshops, group classes and retreats

She also holds degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Ithaca College. Elisa has been teaching world music workshops since 2003. She is the founder of Freeing Your Voice for adults and the grant funded Music For Unity and Social Change Program for public schools. She leads and sings with the Honey Child Soul Quintet. Elisa also sings harmony vocals with Travis Knapp and was the lead singer and song writer for the band Solstice. Her conscious soul album Red Sky was released in 2009. In 2011 Elisa became an assistant teacher of the Hidden Treasure Program, a 3-year course in healing and personal growth, at Light on the Hill Retreat Center.

Workshops are offered at retreat centers, community schools, music festivals, colleges, and a range of public and private events.

Her programs can be offered as:

- a weekly class
- a 60 - 90 minute workshop
- a half-day workshop
- a full-day workshop
- a weekend retreat (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon)

Additional Workshops include:

Music for Unity and Social Change - for K - 12

World Music and Movement - for pre-K - 5th grade

Adult Workshops:

Freeing Your Voice

Uncover Your Dreams, Discover Your Voice

The Joy of Group Singing

Singing As A Spiritual Practice

- breath and toning exercises
- chants and praise music from various cultures
- the art of becoming a vessel

Music from around the World

- African songs, drumming and dance
- African American spirituals, gospel and influences on contemporary music
- Native American music/ flute playing
- Jamaican reggae music
- Christian, Hebrew, Hindu and Sufi chants