A Daily Practice

I’m realizing the importance of maintaining a daily practice. Something to ground and anchor while this new phase in taking flight. I also realize that I have many fears to face. 

The Fears: “What if this is all just temporary? What if I run out of steam to be an active presence in the world? What if I now need to let go of some things to create space for this new aspect of what is flowing through?” 

So here I am, examining and putting the tools that I teach in the Hidden Treasure to the test. 

Let’s start with Byron Katie – she would say “Is it true that you will run out of steam?” And then answer is, I can’t know that…But I can sit with the feeling and the fear. Let it run it’s course and see the truth that exists under it.

CD Release Party of Elisa Sciscioli – Song Circle Photo Credit: Gary Hodges Photography

The Truth- these workshops give me energy. This work is in alignment with my higher calling and the fuel source feels strong. Perhaps you are not the one doing it. You are just the vessel. 

Then inner guidance kicks in and says…”Remember to do your daily practice. Remember to tune into that source of fuel that never runs out. Relax into that state and open to that all connecting, universal flow of energy. For IT is always there for us.”

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