Letting Go

Today I’ll address the fear that says “What if I need to let go of some things in order to create room for the new?” 

The answer is yes – You will need to let go of some things. But the meditation practice will help you to access what those things are . It will help you access the right time and the right amount. 

For example – in order to create room for more workshops and retreat leading, I needed to take a 6 week break from teaching private voice lessons. This felt extremely scary and hard! 

The fears: “What if the answer is to not return? What if life is leading me some place else? But that has been my base income for over a decade! How will I survive?” 

The voice of fear needs to have its turn. It needs to say all of it’s terrified statements with it’s trembling voice. It needs to be on the table, otherwise it stays in us, stuck and surpressed, but rearing it’s head as unmanagable anxiety. And yes…this is what started to happen to me.

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